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Recently, a British reality show 《Tamaras‘s World》is getting super popular!

The reality show is represented by a British TV station and Tamara. It is showing the daily life and work status of Tamara and her family.

Today, let me show you how crazy Tamara’s World is.

Every day, she wakes up from her 45,000,000 pounds (now 70,000,000 pounds around) house.

At the same time, she is tasting the morning tea and being served by her maid.

Well, there are more than 50 different maids for cooking, laundry, cleaning and dog.

Every single detail has been taken care of like clothing and room service.

She also has personal assistant for schedule arrangement, like nailing, Pilates and shopping.

Tamara’s closet is as twice big as two bedrooms.

Besides the full load of Hermes Bags, VS dresses, 81 sets!

Two rooms are fulfilled by clothes.

The most annoying thing is choosing the shoes from thousands of options.

↑And more than 50 Chanel Fisherman shoes.


↑More than 20 Gucci Flats


↑4000+ Chanel bags.

All those dreaming scenes are from Tamara’s daily life.

Her full name is Tamara Ecclestone, was born in Milan Italy, 1984.

Her father was Bernie Ecclestone who is the founder of F1. Bernie was in the top 10 wealthy people in the Great British 20 years ago, valued $3600,000,000. Herself is also in the top 20 female wealthy heirs in the world. 33 years old, with that much money, well……Right now, she is one of most famous social stars.

Her husband, Jay Rutland, is also a rich business man. They decide to get marry after a month to meet each other.

Daughter, Sophia has been spoiled as well.

As normal family, Tamara are enjoying the time spending with her daughter.

All the happiness.

They have few of the best cooks in the world, but they still try to cook by themselves. 

Jay has a lot of surprises for daughter as well.

There is no better thing other than being with the family, for Tamara and her husband.

Sophia has her own toy room.

Tamara is with her daughter in the bedtime, she thinks there is no better gift for her daughter, other than being with her.

Jay is also generous for all kinds of gifts.

Please check Tamara’s limited-edition Hermes, Chanel. Then hand drawing is from Boyarde.

Jay’s transportation vehicle, of course is plane.

Husband is in Las Vegas, Tamara is bringing daughter to the L.A. beach.

Also, enjoy the arrangement from Disney professional team.

The expense of the little princess vacation is an easy 80,000 pounds.

After a short break, the family is back together.

Jay said: “ Did you miss me?”

Tamara answered: “ Yes!”




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