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Without ice cream, is lonely; Without T-shirt, is even worse.



“Big Sister” personal outfit is super simple, T-shirt with black jeans, so comfortable.

T-shirt is the best option for “Big Sister”. Even in the beauty competition, T-shirt is still working like heaven.


Daily match, random white T + black skinny pants, with random shoes on the street will show the fashion right away.

T-shirt flexibility is really big. If you want to become the most popular star, follow us!

Too thin, too visible version is too cheap. A better quality and cotton made T-shirt is much better.

Rolling sleeve is a really good tip for the short and cute ladies, it will show the leg and maximize your height.

Details will distinguish the star and nobody. Check the picture, a golden chain will change everything.


All black and all white are really safe move. However, learn from “Big Sister”, you can still keep your choice colorful, wake up your lazy morning.

During unstable weather, matching with a lattice suit, pair of sporting shoes is another good choice.



If you are the one of the hotty, this short version is outstanding. Sexy and handsome are perfectly mixed.

Even the T-shirt is so simple, the whole picture is still relax, quality and free. “Big Sister” is pretty!


Summer is here, go shopping with me now!  






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T-shirt is as important as ice cream in the summer.


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