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Stacey Bendet, Best Alice Olivia Online Shopping, International Free Shipping


Although she was the smallest while in 5th grade, Stacey Bendet could record far more pushups than the strongest person in her class. The amazing drive she possesses is attributed not just to the strength of the women that come from her family but also to her parents who instilled in them the mentality of self-belief – that they could become whatever they wanted to be and accomplish whatever they so wished.

Stacey Bendet was raised by her mum and dad in a small town called Chappaqua which is situated in Westchester, Newyork. Her mum was a teacher and her dad managed the lace trade of the family. Her family was among the list of the biggest lace makers locally. From the lace fabric her father always brought home, Bendet would always pick the finest patterns to design wears for her dolls and doll beds. Bendet recalls being in love with making things come to life due to the sense of satisfaction that doing so gave to her. Today, whether it’s a dress, a boutique or a photo shoot, she’s still pretty much in love with the process of transforming an idea into reality.



In 2002, Stacey Bendet launched the fashion brand Alice + Olivia. The brand lets buyers showcase their personal taste and style. Alice + Olivia collections that place the playful and flirty side by side with the suave and sexy, Alice + Olivia embodies its founder’s qualities and sensibility. Stacey Bendet’s mission to bring to life the perfect kinds of wears led to the birth of Alice + Olivia which has blossomed into a lifestyle assemblage of:

  • Shoes
  • RTW
  • Accessories
  • Gowns
  • Handbags

By letting the world around her to inspire and motivate her, Bendet integrates vivid colors, special prints and a wide range of ideas to dynamic fashion pieces that are full of life. Starting from the small building that she occupied with some friends from college as Bendet rollerblading, she moved to her factory in her quest for perfect designs and has now turned her ideas into a brand that is worth over US $200 million. Today she is the face of Alice + Olivia and has nurtured the goal of passing on the same confidence and self-belief to her three daughters. The process has already begun as her daughters model Alice + Olivia's wears on Instagram.



Stacey Bendet is the CEO of Alice + Olivia. She is also its Creative Director and is shaping her team to take the huge leap into advocating for particular causes. Alice + Olivia's artistic and labyrinthine beauty has got women like Jessica Alba bewitched. Bendet believes that fashion what it takes to transcend boundaries and aims for Alice + Olivia to momentarily take women into a world of magic. Her brand’s collections also sport boutiques and photo shoots with impressive backdrops.

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If you love Alice + Olivia, then you probably would agree that color, quality, shine, uniqueness, and flair bring Stacey Bendet to life. There are no bounds to what she can create because of her unique taste and amazing designs which have come to be loved by It-girls worldwide. For Bendet, the game all-fair and she has shown this since Alice + Olivia's birth in 2002.

The girl Alice + Olivia portrays fun, fierce and feminine and she was conjured up at Alice + Olivia's 2018 line which came alive in fashionable and elegant goth skirts, leather decorated in gold, and harsh unforgiving ensembles.



Besides the show-stopping party, you’re guaranteed at Alice + Olivia, the aesthetics and designs of Bendet’s pieces are that they can carry you from the day to the dark. Consider her vibrant dresses which come with fabulous prints and graceful silhouettes which allow you to rock them during the day.

For the Resort 2019 collection, however, CEO Bendet had a quiet and reflective stimulation in mind. The inspiration behind the brand’s collection for 2019 is Ali MacGraw – The actress with an elegant and fashionable style.

With a lot of pieces coming in mixed prints, you are in for a marvel. Bendet succeeded in creating mind-blowing designs by combining floral prints with animal prints. The collection is also flavored with leopard prints which are currently trending in the world of fashion. You will find a dress in leopard prints that reach right down to your ankle with boots to match. Rocking this would get you to the A-list. You will also find a leopard print calf-length tight-fitting black and white skirt overlaid by sequins which is sure to get all heads turning in your direction. Cap this look off with a matching turban to give your look a cool vibe.

One of the most amazing pieces from the 2019 collection is the multicolored dress that is sequined and comes with an electric print. Alice + Olivia is notorious for its vividness and shine and the 2019 collection has it all. If you wish to rock that Paris Hilton vibe, then the mouthwatering silver-colored top which comes with an adorable white pantsuit will give you the thrills.

The girl portrayed by Alice + Olivia is a party addict and her style is created never to lack spice. The 2019 collections daywear designs include flowy dresses, elegant and fashionably styled jeans, hot sweatshirts and even more. The cool part is that these pieces can be worn at any time and in any fashion. But rest assured that the moment you rock any piece from the Resort 2019 collection, you’ll transcend into a party mood at once.



At Alice + Olivia, the party is nonstop as the genius behind this superb brand has revealed a new collection which is fantastic in every way. Alice + Olivia's 2019 lineup has been positioned to ensure a metamorphosis from this season to the next.



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