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               Forever Classic

Stripes Pattern
“ Stripe” patterns and elements have been popular in the fashion industry since 1960.
From static to dynamic, from lose to tight, its an elements that can be combined with any piece to create its own unique fashion attitudes.
stripes patterns is simple yet it brings an artistic atmosphere

Co-Co Chanel have her stripes long sleeve as she walks her dog , effortless but fashionable

Audrey Hepburn personal photos often feature the elements of stripes

The designer king of the fashion industry “Karl Lagerfeld “ is considered as spokesman for white-black stripe, as many of his own clothing contains lots of this elements .
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge also likes the forever classic pattern of stripes, its considered as one of her often wore patterns if she is not attending events.
Isn’t it super casual and pure ? Its comfortable and chic as well, most important, its easily to move around, which is needed when we are babysitting
Wen, nevertheless also a fan for the pattern of stripes, as she put on her glasses, despite her age, she can totally fit in the university campus as she was a university students.
If we are feeling lazy of the day and wants to get out the house without much effort - a simple one piece of stripe pattern or a suit is definitely a great option
Any kind of stripes design are worthing having in your closet

A unique charm of stripe pattern is that both men and woman can wear it with no pressure

Mature man can dressed into an effect of retro accent ( vintage ) and teens can shows the effect of lively and refreshing image.
Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye is wearing the couple shirt for their photoshoot
What are we waiting for? let’s all be ready for this forever classic fringe


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