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Fashion options for ladies of quality, how much do you know?



Lady of quality or gentlewoman is a special terminology, which is getting popular in 1920s. Generally speaking, Lady of quality strictly defines such a female group who are from ancestry, tagged by talent and appearance, and showing up in fashion circle frequently.  Meantime, she needs to be pioneer of charity and society contribution leader.



However, in the modern society, the definition of lady of quality is expanding. Not only the fashion queens and rich second generation, but also the ladies who are building their career  by themselves starting from zero and have certain achievement in a young age.


They are driving themselves crazy by wearing fancy or acting in elegance 24/7, so you might ask a simple question, are they tired?


They are wearing high heels everyday without exception to keep their dominating and extraordinary charm. Is that inspired or what?



Well, here is the hard part, being a lady of quality is not easy at all. Let niche tell you what five fashion “weapons” you need to have for matching the lady of quality standard.



  1. Pearl and Jewelry



Jewelry is become charming because of the owner. This is a must in gentlewomen’s accessories.




During all those jewelries collections, Catherine Middleton loves the pearl the most, because of its special image in such a romantic and  traditional way.



To be outstanding among so many different types of jewelries, the pearl component is a really good choice for showing the unique beauty and quality.


2. Clothes Suit

The lady of quality and a certain type of clothes suit have been treated as a whole in our minds.



 Since the “airport outfit” from American first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy back to years, we have witnessed a lot of success examples like Kate Princess.




Certain suit sets are tagging the ladies, and the ladies are planting their image into the suit as well.



3. Luxury Bag


Being a lady, specially a famous lady of quality, bag matters the most!




No matter Hermes or Chanel, the ladies gotta have one or a lot!



But, those ladies are treating luxury bag purchase as an investment, instead of emotional appeal spending. Blinded purchase and wasting money on low value maintenance bags is a nightmare.



4 High Heels 

Breath-taking High Heels changes the whole image of a woman, and it will help ladies step into a brand new level of gracefulness.


“Sex and the City ” is the fashion beginner’s bible. Carrie’s closet is always the hot topic from her old apartment to the new home with Mr. Big.



“Sex and the City ” is the fashion beginner’s bible. Carrie’s closet is always the hot topic from her old apartment to the new home with Mr. Big.



The energy from high heels is stupendous, the ladies wont take it off for sure.


5 Toypoodle


One of the cutest creature, toypoodle is another “secret weapon” for the ladies.


Besides the fashion wearing, the toypoodle is another magic tool for the ladies. this little dog can be used as a pose decoration, or a sign of kindness, or a time killer for the ladies. Elizabeth Taylor was holding her dog everywhere.


Because of Grace Kelly’s royal identity, toypoodle has evolved into the “The Royal Pet”.


The passion of toypoodle is never fading away from the female stars. Gaga is one of the toypoodle fans who were often captured by reporters on the street with her Fozzi.



Nugget, Kate Perry’s dog is even more popular than her master.




By times, the old fashion full set of ladies of quality are more like a joke rather than a standard. The only reason is that our standard is changing slowly but significantly.


What is your standard ? Cannot wait to hear your answer.



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