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Love Anna Sui?

Finally! ANNA SUI 2015 Fall Collection now available at NICHE at Aberdeen Centre. Come check us out!

You only need to look at her designs to know that Anna Sui's mind works in strange and wonderful ways. The collection that emerged from this crucible of creativity comfortably embraced both worlds, as surreal as that sounds.

Some of the models sported Inuit face tattoos, and many of them had tresses as wild and tousled as any Viking princess', courtesy of a special shampoo that hairdresser Garren had given them to use before the show. 


During a preview the other day, Sui mentioned that it's prints people expect from her. She's certainly never let anyone down in that respect, but the 30 she showed tonight should make them happier than ever.

There was so much work in the collection, so much love and care, that it was no surprise Sui's fans were gushing backstage. She continues to be New York's greatest unsung fashion heroine, but why stop at New York? In a dream world, there'd be a Gucci or a Pucci suitor in her future.


Read more from the original article: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2015-ready-to-wear/anna-sui


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